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Electric Gear motors are utilized in applications requiring high yield and lower yield shaft rotational speed, mainly where space and accessible force are restricted. This portrays a broad scope of basic gear applications over various enterprises. From car wiper and window motors to emergency clinic beds and patient lifts, robots to transport frameworks, programmed entryway administrators to solidified refreshment blenders, gear motors are fundamental to the general presentation of hardware that we rely upon consistently.

What Is a Gear Motor?

A gear motor is an electric motor combined with a gear train. Gear motors use either AC (Alternating Current) or DC (Direct Current) power. By and large, the gear reducer is proposed to duplicate the accessible yield force without expanding the motor’s force utilization while keeping up a conservative size. The compromise for force duplication is a relative decrease in the yield shaft’s speed and diminished in general proficiency. Using the best possible gear innovation and proportion for explicit applications, the ideal yield and speed profiles can be gotten alongside the perfect mechanical fit to open the most excellent estimation of your OEM hardware.

What Applications DO NOT Use Gear Motors?

Because of the adaptability and far-reaching utilization of electric gear motors, it is effortless to investigate applications that DO NOT utilize them. Any application that requires high shaft speed and generally low force won’t advantage from the utilization of a gear motor. This incorporates most fans, siphons, and examining applications. In these cases, the speed of the motor’s pole pivot is the most significant factor. Applications requiring most extreme effectiveness, simplicity of back driving, little discernible commotion, or exceptionally exact speed or force control may profit by a motor-just arrangement.

Contact XinLan Corporation for Specific Gear Motor Information

At XinLan Corporation, our industrial gear reducer China and motor specialists are here to assist you with understanding your capacity transmission choices. Regardless of whether you need the correct motor to associate with your current gear train or need assistance with making the ideal gear motor for applications, such as ice-making hardware, food, hot/cold drink hardware, or material taking care of hardware, we can help. Contact an individual from our business group at 008657188221556 or interface with us on the web.


1. How do you calculate the torque of a gear motor?

If you don’t want to count the teeth, measure each gear’s diameter from the center to the point of contact between the gears. Divide the diameter of the output gear by the diameter of the input gear. Multiply the torque of the motor by the gear ratio to get the output torque.

2. What is DC Gear Motor?

A gear motor is an all-in-one combination of a motor and gearbox. The addition of a gear head to a motor reduces the speed while increasing the torque output

3. What are the main applications of speed reducers?

Speed reducers are used to operate all industrial and household machines, which need to reduce the speed of an electric motor safely and efficiently. Speed reducers adjust a motor’s speed to provide the required torque by a machine to work correctly

Geared motors are drive sources contributing to energy saving and are useful in a wide range of industries.

These motors comply with IE3 class of international standard IEC60034-30 (0.75kW or more).
We ensured compatibility with conventional products by performing optimization using high-efficiency technologies.

Geared motors are sensorless servo series that adopt magnet motor, and these motors make further contributions to energy saving.

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