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China Standard CTU Planetary Gearbox Track Drive Replacement of CZPT Riduttori CTU3150 CTU3200 CTU3300 CTU3500 CTU3700 with high quality

Aug 5, 2022 | Product Catalog

Product Information of CTU Planetary Gearbox Track Drive

Brevini Riduttori power transmission compact planetary track drive is designed for Tracked Vehicles: excavators and earth-moving machinery.
They have heavy housings, short overall lengths, and large radial and axial load capacities.
They have an integrated multi-disc fail-safe brake that can be mounted directly on the hydraulic motor and are ready to accept the plug-in hydraulic motor.
The compact design of the device allows power to be transmitted directly from the CZPT axial piston hydraulic motor to the operating machine, thereby reducing the overall size of the hydrostatic transmission.
High radial bearing capacity, particular sealing system, and manual separation allow the final drive to operate under severe and heavy load conditions.
The internal multi-disc parking brake, motion control valve, and smooth displacement variability provided by CZPT hydraulic motor are additional advantages enabling Dana as one partner to provide a complete, reliable, integrated transmission package.

Technical Features of CTU Track Drive

Model T2max(Nm) Indicative Machine Weight(Ton) Ratio(from…to) Brake release pressure(bar) Parking Brake Max. brake torque(Nm) Notes/Options Weight(kg)
CTD2051 5.500 5 16…53 16 M 355 55
CTD2100.1 10.000 10 15…50 18 M 320 65
CTU3150.1 18.000 18 66…141 14 M 230 Two stages available 135
CTU3200.1 25.000 20 67…130 10…18 M 140
CTU3300.1 35.000 25 67…130 10…18 M 485 Two stages available 162
CTU3500.1 45.000 30 87…169 10 M 495 Two stages available 205
CTU3700.1 70.000 40 98…191 14 M 500 Two stages available 300
CTU3850 85.000 50 83,5…198 15 M 1160 380
CTU31100 110.000 70 83,5…198 15 M 1345 400
CTU31400 140.000 80 109…198 15 M 1545 585
CTU31700 170.000 90 109…198 15 M 1545 585


  • Big radial and axial load capacity are due to strongly tapered roller bearings.
  • High torque capacity
  • Reliable oil seal protection, designed according to our field experience.
  • Universal and SAE input direct mounting flanges
  • The units are designed for their direct mounting into the wheel rims.

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Planetary Gearbox in Track Drive

Continuous track, also known as tank track or track, is a vehicle propulsion system in which two or more wheels drive continuous pedals or track shoes. For military vehicles and heavy equipment, the steel strip is usually made of modular steel plates. For lighter agricultural or construction vehicles, it is made of synthetic rubber reinforced with steel wires.
Compared with the steel or rubber tires on the exact vehicle, the large surface area of the track better distributes the vehicle’s weight so that the continuously tracked vehicle can pass through the soft soil foundation and is unlikely to get stuck due to sinking. The prominent tread of the metal plate is wear-resistant, especially compared with rubber tires. The aggressive tread of the track provides good traction on the soft road surface but may damage the paved surface so some metal tracks can be installed with rubber pads for use on the paved surface.

The continuous track can be traced back to 1770 and is currently commonly used on various vehicles, including bulldozers, excavators, tanks, and tractors. However, the inherent additional traction, low ground pressure, and durability of a continuous track propulsion system can be found on vehicles used in any application.

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